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A strange and wondrous place indeed, or in the new lingo '... 1drous place '. I first landed there on the 26th of December 1995. A long time ago it may seem, but it remains an unforgettable experience. I had gone from Roorkee to bangalore, to meet me school-buddy udyan then a 4th year student in BMS eng. college. Then took the bus to Goa. Then another bus to Bombay. 27-31 dec was the annual festival of IIT Bombay. Called Mood Indigo, this fest sure ranks up there with the best college fests. We from roorkee were a very small team, a straggling bunch of 5-6 nondescript guys. But it was not a bad team. For the first time during my stay there,the Lit Sec had sent a team so far from home, and the team members were a bit apprehensive of what lay in store, and extremely excited too. The hosts sure had done a magnificent job and had lined up peenaz masani, some classical guy , a bunch of models including aish , mojo , parikrama and the levis rock contest. We were Abhishek Pandey , Akash Agarwal , Balachandran , Sameer Paranjpye from the Lit Sec. Not a big team , but pretty solid. Well in the end we had just 3 prizes, none of them first. But we had a party and atleast saved the reputation a bit. In the speaking events we left the junta dazed. itni concentrated bakchodi mumbai waalo ne kam hi suni thi. Or efforts ranged from Bala who delivered a masterly extempore on 'civil servants are neither' to pepe's brain buzzing as he tried to single handedly outdo a 50+ strong IIT Bombay contingent during the crossword prelims. We put up a brave fight and won a few audio cassettes in the informals .This trip would be the one that we all could point at say, thats when we really started to get confident.