hello babies and bacchhas, guys and girls, uncles and bebes, chachis and babalog, how did you like this page, how long has it been since u last partied, what the hell is this moving text supposed to mean, i dont know but i had a lot of fun making it and since this is made in the picturesque surroundings of Bhutan i hope some of the beauty of the real world around creeps into this, but hope creeeps stay out, if u are not a creep feel free to email me, i promise to reply... tata , take care, send money to me if u can , enjoy, sexy stuff coming up on this site so keep coming back......





Ayyyoooo bhelkum bhelkum ...... ..(:-)

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Contact Information

Street address
107 civil lines cinema road Golghar, Gorakhpur ,U.P. , India 273001

Electronic mail address

Web address

Office :-

Digital Design Studio

B 1/42 F Kapoorthala

Lucknow, U.P.

India . pager - 0091 522 9610203040

Home phone
0091 551 334202

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Professional Services


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Biographical Information

Born to Dr. Anand Kishore and Mrs Sumitra Agarwal on the 20th of October 1973 in Calcutta

University of Roorkee
B.Arch 1998

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Personal Interests

  1. music
  2. girls :-)
  3. cigarettes
  4. computers
  5. books
  6. badminton
  7. sleeping
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Last revised:

October 12, 1999.