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Xchina case study sheet of thesis view of initial design stage of thesis on TOY CITY , G NOIDA thesis , view of initail stage, oct 97 Thesis - Case Study 1 - Far East Industrial Park , China .. @kash - august Guindy - Thesis Case Study Thesis - Case Study - The Lost Village Of Rhyme at Wonderland , Northamptonshire thesis - inter-relationship chart thesis - requirements sheet case study - rhyme village view of TOY CITY domed structure for comp lab and library site of TOY CITY , greater noida entrance of TOY CITY - castle wall Auditorium of TOY CITY exhibition hall of TOY CITY B.ARch thesis - TOY CITY greater noida, INDIA

view of TOY CITY initial design stage, structural patterns were being devised. The basic ideas for train bridge, spherical laboratories and computer centre and the ferro cement shell roof for the entrance block in left bottom corner of screen with the yellow tensile shell for the exhibition area have been evolved by this stage.